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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Lakewood! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Lakewood, CO. It always seems that emergencies happen at the worst time of day. This is true with wild animals as well. You're never noticing a skunk in your yard at 3 o'clock in the afternoon or that a raccoon is in your garbage at 10 AM. You find animals like this in the middle of the night, when you feel that there is no one there to help you. That is where you are wrong. For over a decade we have established ourselves as the very best wildlife removal service in the area. We provide prompt and courteous service, making sure you are fully aware of exactly what we will do to help extricate the animal from your property. Best of all, we have a team of technicians that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn't matter what time of day your wild animal is inside your home, strolling across your lawn, or has gotten inside your business. We have a team of professionals ready to assist you at all hours. In this area, the most common problems with rodents, and we have a team of technicians who are experts in rodent removal. They also are experts in finding where the rodents have gained access into your property, then repairing those areas so the animal does not get back in. We know when you have a problem that you want to know you can count on someone to do the job for you. If you have wildlife removal needs, know that we are here to help you. Call us now at 720-574-0249 for your Lakewood wildlife control needs.

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Lakewood Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why You Should NEVER Hire a Pest Control Company to Deal With Your Raccoon Infestation!

A lot of Lakewood people are unsure on who to turn to in case they are suffering from a raccoon infestation. Should they call the local animal service, the wildlife rehabilitators, pest control, or the removal experts? In this article, we will discuss why the pest control company is not the best solution for your woes. Hopefully after reading this, you would be able to determine the better option for your wildlife problem.

Why You Should Never Hire the Pest Control Company for Raccoon Infestation

Once a raccoon made it inside your Colorado house, you are probably worried on the possible damages that your house can incur. The noise that they will make will usually be concentrated during nighttime that may disrupt your sleep. They can also damage our roof and the construction materials in our attic. The raccoons that are located in the crawl areas of our house can tear up our insulation materials that will increase our monthly energy consumption. These reasons are enough to alarm you and call the help of the expert to end your suffering. Unfortunately, the pest control company will not be able to deliver the right solution.

Lack of Training

The pest control Lakewood experts have been trained to deal with rodent, spider, cockroach, and termite infestation. They are not capable of handling large mammals such as raccoons. In addition, they do not have the right guidance to determine the root cause of the infestation. Should they be successful in removing the raccoon in your attic, they will not be able to prevent the other wildlife creatures from invading your property. Furthermore, they do not possess the necessary preparation to deal with the damages caused by the raccoon invasion. 

Lack of Equipment

The pest control company's equipments are limited to the tools that they will use to get rid of the insects and rodents. They do not have the necessary equipment that will deliver the optimum result. They also do not have the capability to capture the raccoon without harming them. It is highly likely that they will not be able to provide you a range of options when it comes to the trapping devices, deterrents, repellents, and exclusion devices.

License and Permit

Raccoon is a wildlife Colorado creature which means that a company needs to have the necessary license and permit to perform removal. The pest control company does not carry the necessary permit which means that they can only help you with your rodent and insect infestation. In addition, most raccoon removal experts are in partnership with private property owners that allows them to relocate the raccoon easily. This will not be possible when you employ the service of a pest control company to get rid of the raccoon.

These are just some of the reasons why you shouldn't hire the service of the Lakewood pest control company when dealing with your raccoon infestation. The knowledge, training, and equipment of the wildlife removal expert are more suitable for this task.