The Unexpected Ways Bats Can Enter Your Lakewood Home!

Bats are vital parts of our ecosystem. They are only considered a problem if they choose our Lakewood attic as their roost. The droppings of the bats can also spread different types of diseases. Not a lot of people can tolerate the presence of the bat inside their house. It is necessary to get rid of the bats and repair the gaps in order to keep them outside. 

How Do They Enter Your House

You may not be aware of it but there is probably a small crack or a tiny gap found in the higher part of your Colorado structure. A crack that is at least ½ inch can be a convenient access for the bats to get inside. Bats are nocturnal creatures and they are usually quiet. They can dwell in our attic for years without us knowing it. We will only be aware of it once we smell the disgusting odor that comes from the accumulated bat guano.

Open Lakewood Windows

In some cases, the bats will unintentionally enter our house through an open window while they are hunting their prey. These incidents are normally isolated. This also does not mean that there is a roost found inside your property. Nonetheless, this may imply that there is a colony of bats within the community. This increases the possibility that your house will become a victim of bat infestation in the future.

When looking for their roost, the Colorado bat prefers a place that provides security and comfort and our house offers all those features. There are two types of bat that will usually invade your property. They are the big brown and the little brown bats. They will try to establish their colony inside our home since it offers a stable temperature and a secured environment. 

How Do They End Up in Your Living Area

Understand that the Colorado bats in your living area do not wish to stay there since there is not enough insect that they can eat. It is also not as dark as your attic and there are not enough places where they can roost. During the night, the temperature in the attic cools down, the cold air outside will be drawn on the gaps and cracks that the bats will follow. It is quite common for the bats to enter our living area especially during the summer season when we activated our air conditioning unit. This is their usual reaction to the cool air currents.

Understanding the usual behavior of the Lakewood bats will help you understand how or why they ended up inside our house. They are highly sensitive to the air currents and will think that these will lead them to a familiar exit points. If there are bats in your living area, do not attempt to catch them. Instead, encourage them to leave by opening the window or door that leads outside. If they are too exhausted to fly outside, you should not pick them up using your bare hands. Wear protective gloves when picking them up and release them outdoors. 

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