Best and Proper Way to Handle Any Kind of Lakewood Squirrel

Handling the Lakewood squirrel with your bare hands can result in different repercussions. While there is only a low possibility that the squirrel would be a potential carrier of rabies, it is still best to remain careful when dealing with them. In addition, they can also transmit zoonotic diseases, which is why you need to keep yourself armed and protected when interacting with them. Furthermore, you can also end up hurting them since their body is too fragile.

Learning How to Handle the Squirrels the Right Way

If you want to catch a mobile Colorado squirrel, you will need to start preparing the necessary materials first. If you don't have the experience to set-up a live trap, you can simply use a blanket or a coat. Be sure that you will wear mask and heavy-duty gloves. You should only catch the squirrels when it is necessary. Normally, you can easily drive them away with loud noises. 

Dos and Don'ts When Capturing a Lakewood Squirrel

The squirrels will create a chattering noise as a warning. However, they will also produce this sound when they are scared of you. You should be careful when capturing them. They can bite you with their strong teeth and injure you with their sharp claws. The adult squirrels will attack you once they feel stressed or threatened.

Remember that the young Colorado squirrels that are at least 12 weeks will not pose a threat to you. You should remain patient when capturing them. Simply cover them with the coat or blanket and scoop them. Place them in a container (preferably in your pet travel box) in order to prevent any injury. You should not use a net in catching them. You will be exposed from their sharp claws and teeth. Avoid grabbing the squirrel too hard. Squeezing them may cause internal injury that will lead to severe injury or death. You should never hold them in their tail when catching them.

The Best Way to Handle the Squirrel

Perhaps the most recommended way to restrict the Colorado squirrel would be to hold them by their neck's scruff. This is how a mother cat will pick up her kittens. Be sure that your other hand will provide support to their bottom. Compared to the kitten, this creature will still be at motion. You should be prepared when the squirrel will wriggle.

Another good way to handle the squirrel is to have its back supported by your palm. Place your forefinger and thumb gently around the neck to restrain the movement of its head. Its front legs should be held by the forefinger and the middle finger. You remaining finger should be on its abdomen. By following this, you will be immobilizing the squirrel. Again, we would like to remind you again to wear protective gloves since the squirrel will not like this manner of handling.

Squirrels are agile and clever Lakewood creature, it will never be easy to capture them safely. They will struggle when you restrain their movement and you or the squirrel might get hurt during the process. If you require any assistance, call your local wildlife removal company today.  

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